Rastafri Afrelle FREED'M SILKY BRAIDING Hair Vibrant Colors.

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Fibers are 100% Afrelle made by Kanekalon: High elasticity for minimal snapping
Heat is contained inside the fibers to prevent finger burning: Flexible and easy to work with
Free of Tangling: 24″ (61cm) Folded and 48″ (122cm) Unfolded

Product Description

Rastafri Afrelle  FREED'M SILKY BRAIDING Hair Vibrant Colors. is good to use for yours perfect smooth long lasting beautiful braids, Easy seal long lasting and perfect finish. Easy to use and hassle free, to prevent breakage during install fibers  provides more elasticity. Kanekalon fibers are inherently flame retardant in which the fiber resin itself contains the flame retardant ingredient and will not deteriorate after shampooing. However, it is not heat proof so the ends will still seal with ease.

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