Ladies love their footwear especially when a specific style is in trend. But lately, the current global inflation has taken over the show market by storm and now a good pair of shoes can cost up to a whopping amount of $1000.

This can get higher when the shows you want for your party are custom-made by a designer brand. Melten Klozet has researched and put together a list of affordable  and most prestigious designer footwear brands for women that highly satisfies this fashion desire. All of the brands included in the list are one of the trendiest brands of 2022, and Meltenklozet is the place to buy stylish footwear for Women at affordable prices

Affordable Footwear Brands

Some of the handpicked luxury women footwear brandsare,

1.    Cape Robbin

Cape Robbin stands out as one of the most trendy, high quality, and affordable brands  for women. They offer a wide variety  of shoes to include boots, heels, sandals and sneakers for women.  Manufactured in China, its North America collection is destined to provide a highlevel of confort,while adhering to the high quality low cost requirement of today’s shoppers. This is your go to brand to buy ladies shoes online and MeltenKlozet offers the top selection of these luxury women footwear.

2.    Aldo

North America has known a proliferation of designer shoes in recent years.  Aldo is one of those brands that offer high quality low cost shoe collections for women and men. Their online store goes beyond shoes to offer items like handbags and accessories. This diversification indicates that Aldo spreads its resources across it product categories and hence could limit creativity within categories, and as such limited styles

3.    Reike Nen

Reike Nen has recently made its debut on the social media giant and got a trendy following with their 5 Strings heels. These 5 string heels are everywhere this summer and it seems like this trend is nowhere to go.

Speaking of trends, the designer brand is known to make some of the trendiest footwear designs for ladies, and that too in a budget in which you can afford to buy a designer item and can have no pressure on your pocket.

4.    Staud

Staud is one of those designer brands that never disappoint its community and always comes up with jaw-dropping designs and styles for the general audience under a budget.

This cost-effective beast designer band can get you whipstitched heels and faux-croc wedges that are recently a trend on many social media platforms. And many influencers are already endorsing them.

5.   Aeydē

Do you want some timeless mules and loafers?. Worry not Aeydē can be that one brand that can give you some premium quality footwear that is both luxury and cost-effective for women. The brand is known to create the comfiest luxury office shoes for ladies that can provide comfort and style without spending much on a pair of shoes.

6.    Essēn

If you are a fan of stylish flats and are unable to find any designer options, try Essen, a brand that keenly works to offer the most lavish and fashionable footwear for women. Essen has also made news on multiple trendy social media platforms and has many influencers endorsing the brand.

Essen is known to offer their premium shoe range at affordable rates for people across the globe. You can find the brands on Melten Klozet’s official website.

7.    Ganni

Ganni is that one brand that never disappoints when it comes to designer show brands and luxurious footwear for women. Ganni is making waves in the fashion industry with its sturdy and affordable footwear range that targets working women.

Their shoes can be worn at any season and can easily last you for a long long time. The brand also deals in leather full-length boots and slippers for females. Buy designer ladies shoes online on  Melten Klozet for all your designer footwear needs.

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