Shoes have always been an investment and have been more than just a tool for covering your feet. But with the evolution in the fashion industry, shoes have become more than an accessory and are now a unique lifestyle-defining gear. So it's important to have a few staple shoes in your closet. In this article, we list the top essential pair of shoes every woman should own in 2022. 

Classic Flat Sandals

A good pair of flat sandals will offer you years of wear! And, what’s more, they are a classic alternative to our homely flip-flops. You can wear them out and about rather than limiting them only to a vacation. Additionally, there is nothing better than having a chic flat sandal that can be worn with dresses, jeans, skirts, and more. A great pair of sandals is always fun and wearable and is one of the best items to own. 

Laced Tennis Shoes


Colorful, neutral, or patterned! You can pick whatever your heart desires. It’s for the days when you need to go out and run a few errands and need to look good, but don’t want to wear your favorite pair for Jimmy Choo. They are sporty, fun, and casual and will always be in style. The colors and patterns can vary but these pairs of shoes will provide consistent comfort. 

Sophisticated Statement Pumps 

Carries Bradshaw once quoted, "When one door closes, a shoebox opens.” Well, it is true. For events when you don’t want to go overboard but just need a little extra height and a bit of sophistication to stand out of the crowd - sophisticated statement pumps are the answer. They instantly make you feel good and even if you aren’t a fashionista, they can add a little touch of something special to any outfit and help you look like you are ready for the world. 

Heel Dress Shoes 

Well, there is nothing worse than having a wedding coming up and needing to run out the night before as you do not have a pair of heel dress shoes with your outfit. They give you an extra edge just when you need it. So it is better to invest in a good one otherwise you might just be replacing the poor quality pair. 

Lace-Up Chunky Booties

Having a chunky boot in your wardrobe is a must-have. They can be paired with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to business-casual outfits for work. You can opt from different available colors and ankle-high pairs you are most comfortable in. They can instantly add up to your attire. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you own them all or there is an overlap in the categories, these top essential shoes are a must-have for every woman. Having any other pair of shoes will just be a bonus. 

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